Brandi’s Kitchen Ep 4: Ultimate Tea Latte

This is one of my favorite drinks in the winter! I just love drinking a tea latte on a snowy day while I walk to school. In the video, I use almond milk to turn my tea into a latte, but you can also use brazil nut milk, pecan milk, hazelnut milk, and pumpkin seed milk.


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  1. Ohh, that looks tasty, I have the coconut sweetener but not the stevia. I will have to get some of that. I like the herbal teas from Good Earth so maybe I will get some of that as well. Thanks for the ideas and keep ’em commin’

  2. Thanks Brandi for the video! Have you ever tried Brazil Nut powder to make your nut milk, if so, how much powder/water ratio would you use? Thanks in advance!!

    1. Rita, I have never heard of Brazil Nut Powder. What do you use it for and is it better than whole Brazil Nuts???? It may be worth a try to see if you can make a nut milk out of it.

  3. Linda, it really doesn’t matter what kind of tea you use. I have used earl grey, chamomile, nettles, rooibos, and whatever else I have on hand. And it always tastes amazing. The green stevia really helps to sweeten the tea. Liquids like teas and lemonades can eat up your more expensive sweeteners, and stevia helps to reduce the use of these sweeteners. You don’t have to use stevia, but you may find that you use 2-3 times as much without stevia. I used to use 3 tbsp of agave per 12 oz cup of tea, but now I only use 1 tbsp. It really helps my grocery bills. And as I post more dessert recipes, you will notice that green stevia makes an appearance in almost every one.

  4. Brandi, does it matter what kind of tea is used? herbal VS black or green? I can’t imagine using that green stevia here but I will try it one day.

    1. I’ve never heard of green stevia. I’ve only seen it white. I’m assuming you buy it from a good health food store & how much does it usually cost?
      Thanks & keep up the good work.

    2. Faye, actually most good health food stores don’t even sell it. It’s very annoying. You can find it at herb stores and online though. It’s sold on Amazon for about 10 bucks or so. What makes it a deal is that it will last you for at least a year…even if you use it everyday. Check out this article I wrote about green stevia: https://www.rawfoodsonabudget.com/?p=606. In the article you will also find a link to the product on Amazon.

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