Brandi’s Kitchen Ep 5: The BEST Pate Ever!

This is the best pate I have ever tasted. It’s so simple, fresh, and cool, and it reminds of a light tuna salad without the tuna! These crackers are fantastic with a plate of sliced carrots, celery, and Fiesta Crackers.


*Based on prices the author paid to make the recipe.

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  1. Thanks so much for the recipe and video.
    I’ve just started on my raw food diet. I wasn’t going to at first because i thought it was too strict. Then I met someone who told me to just do the best I can and phase into it. Well, she was right. As the percentage of raw food increases I can see and feel the progress without the pressure. I admire those who can so this %100. As for me, progress not perfection for the moment.

    1. Hi, I think your pictures are aswome!!! I don’t know if you remember. I met you at Brandi’s wedding. I am her grandma Sandy. Of course with someone as beautiful as Brandi I am sure it made your job a little easier.

  2. Hi brandy, thanks for all your ideas and recipes. I thought it is always important to soak nuts and seeds first, so if you process them dry, they still have enzyme inhibitors?? Please advise.. thanks

  3. @Lori ….perhaps just click try again when the LightBox opens or close the video and reopen.

    Brandi I like the recipe but it would tase so much better on those crunchy sounding crackers. 🙂 What were they?

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