Brandi’s Kitchen Ep 12: How to Use Stevia in Raw Food Recipes

Green Stevia Powder is one of my favorite sweeteners! It has saved me soooo much money on agave, honey, and dates! I used to buy agave every 1-2 weeks, and now I buy it every 1-2 months (sometimes even 2-3 months). That’s HUGE!!!!

In this video, I also demonstrate how to use Green Stevia Powder when making delicious fruit-nut balls! I think that they taste like oatmeal cookies…what do you think?

For an article on the properties and benefits of green stevia powder, read my article: The Benefits of Green Stevia Powder.

I use Navitas Green Stevia Powder! I would highly recommend it! However, I am sure there are other great brands out there as well!
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  1. Hi Brandi, great video! I work at a natural foods store now and I was asking my manager what the difference is between the green stevia versus the white and he was telling me that it’s really bitter. So to see your video and hear that it works in combination with other sweeteners, it really helped me! Thanks!

  2. Hi Brandi,

    I am trying to watch the video but it is saying it is a private video and that I must log on to watch. I have your book Raw Foods on A Budget and love it. Please let me know what I need to do to watch this video as I want to learn more about using stevia instead of agave.
    Sandy Kash

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