Brandi’s Kitchen Ep 1: Almond Milk

Enjoy this simple and quick almond milk recipe! Feel free to substitute the almonds with other nuts and seeds like sunflower seeds, pecans, or brazil nuts. If you use sunflower or pumpkin seeds, I recommend adding a banana to balance out the flavor of the milk.


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  1. My sister bought herself a vita mix.. i’m jealous because I get to hear how awesome it is first hand.
    My blender is not that awesome. Is there a list of blenders that can take the abuse i’m about to ensue, for the budget conscience ? also Juicers? there are a lot of choices out there, which are your favorites? Thank You !

  2. @grace

    I understood that was one of the reasons you soaked the nuts to help remove some of the stuff you don’t want…but I am not positive….

  3. WOAH That is STUPIDLY easy!
    Color me AMAZED! xD

    That said, don’t raw almonds have traces of arsenic in them? And I’ve heard it never leaves your system, whereas cooking cooks out the arsenic or something. I am confuse! xD

  4. Hi Brandi,
    Can you only use raw nuts? And how about making rice milk? Can you use the same principle? Thanks!

  5. Looks like you peel the outer skin, from the almonds first, am I correct? Milk looked very white!

    I do this, that is why I mentioned it.

    1. Linda, actually, I don’t peel the skin off of the almonds. Interesting….

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