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AMAZING Vegan Tacos

  BEST Vegan Tacos EVER! This recipe is incredible! I have no idea why these tacos aren’t made everywhere. And they celebrate both cooked and raw veggies and fruit to boot!   Yield: 1...


The EASY Way to Eat Raw Garlic

You probably know that raw garlic is good for your body… but you may not know HOW GOOD it is! Garlic is rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin B6 and Manganese. Garlic boosts your immune...


Donut Holes

This is literally the best RAW FOOD DONUT RECIPE I HAVE EVER TASTED! And it’s one of my most famous recipes! It’s from my award-winning book, Raw Foods on a Budget (http://www.rawfoodsonabudget.com/products-page)! Enjoy the...

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