Sambar Masala Tomato Sauce with Ginger-Cinnamon Rice & Sweet & Salty Nut Chutney

This is probably the most flavorful raw food meal I have ever eaten! When I created this recipe, I had been primarily snacking for a few weeks and I missed the taste of a real meal. Well, this recipe did the job.

The Sambar Masala tomato sauce balances out the earthy flavor of the rice, and the nut chutney is sweet, savory, crunchy, and the perfect complement to the tomato sauce and rice.

And the recipe is very easy! I have made it 3 times and each time it takes 30-40 minutes to make everything! Including the green salad in the back! You can find the recipe for the Lemon Green Yum Salad at in the Raw Foods on a Budget Book preview.



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  1. I was never a big fan of meat so there was no love loss on that one. I ate cheese in my pre-vegan days but not so much that I was lost wioutht it. Being vegan just came naturally for me. I do know people who tell me that they can’t give up cheese. It is to hard or it is to hard to eat at a restaurant and be vegan. It is an excuse to me. I don’t like sounding like I am holy when it comes to being vegan. But come on now, if a diet can save your life, reverse diabetes, lower cholesterol, as well as lower your risk of cancer and heart attacks. The answer should be yes . I can live wioutht certain foods if it means I am going to live longer, feel better, and not rely on medication. Go vegan!

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