Raw Winter Tacos from Boot Camper Joni!

Last week, during one of the Boot Camp group support meetings, I was throwing around a few ideas for collecting recipes from Boot Campers to create a free Boot Camp ebook, when someone suggested the idea for a Boot Camp yearbook! The yearbook would feature stories from current and past Boot Campers about transitioning to raw foods and reducing their food budget while on the Boot Camp, AND include free recipes created by the Boot Campers themselves!

It will be an amazing resource to all new Boot Campers and individuals interested in raw foods. This book will be free to the public, so it has the potential to have a great impact and inspire a lot of people. There is nothing like hearing someone else’s story to inspire change in your own life!

Although the Yearbook is in it’s early stages,

here’s a recipe for Winter Tacos from Boot Camper Joni!

Ingredients per serving:

3 romaine leaf hearts
3 tablespoons homemade guacamole (avocado, cilantro, garlic, onion, lime juice, small amount hot peppers, salt/pepper)
1 large easter egg radish (or any type of radish)
3/4 – 1 cup red cabbage
8-10 quartered or halved grape tomato

“Romaine heart leaf covered with 1 tablespoon of guacamole (avocado, cilantro, onion, garlic, hot pepper and lime juice – flavor counts here), add shredded red cabbage, top with sliced grape tomato and radish slices (all organic) – so yummy. Lots of flavor and texture.

This could have been made with any cabbage – but I chose the red “purple” for more color and crunch.

The radish are called “easter egg” – sooo pretty and they aren’t as strong as a regular radish – which I normally avoid – these are really good.

This could be made with different veggie combinations – but I was trying to keep it simple with just 5 ingredients or less.  Though the guacamole has several ingredients on its own.  It could have been made with avocado slices and add fresh cilantro and crushed garlic, squeeze on lime juice – but using guacamole provides a platform for the remainder of the ingredients to stick to.

This picture of the ingredients was taken on the top of my stove that I covered with two ceramic cutting boards that I almost gave away.  Figured it was easier to cover up the stove than be tempted to use it – I copied the idea from the board your land lord made you (Joni is talking about a beautiful, large cutting board that my land lord made for me to cover my stove)!” -Joni


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