How I stopped my Almond Milk from spoiling too fast

I discovered this quick hack after my almond milk suddenly began to spoil within 48 hours of making it. Normally, my homemade almond milk would lasts 4-5 days in the refrigerator, so it was a bummer when it started lasting half as long and had to be poured down the drain. Homemade almond milk and other nut milks are very perishable and must be kept refrigerated at all times. Don’t know how to make almond milk? Here is a recipe!

When my almond milk began to spoil quickly, I assumed the culprit was the nut milk bag. I had this nut milk bag for a while and I figured that there must be some bacteria hiding in the lining. So, I purchased a new milk bag, thinking that my problems were solved.

YET, even after using the new nut milk bag, my almond milk continued to spoil within 48 hours. 🙁

Then it dawned on me. I had been noticing that fruit flies really liked the bowl of soaking almonds. I didn’t think much of it previously because I rinse the almonds really well after they had been soaking. But then a light went off! Fruit flies insert mold into food, encouraging it to spoil faster. Well, the fruit flies may have been inserting mold into the water, encouraging the water to ferment….and even though I didn’t leave the nuts soaking for longer than 12 hours, the mold could have gotten into the almonds, encouraging my almond milk to spoil at a faster rate. (SCIENCE!)

So, once I theorized that this may be the problem…I simply covered my soaking almonds with a lid. And guess what!? My almond milk now lasts for 4-5 days again. Yippee!







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  1. Wow, thank you so much for this hack, i am gonna try it today, I love almond milk but it was getting spoilt so fast, I thought no point of all this work.
    hope your hack works & also the idea of freezing dehydrated almonds seem decent as well. Thanks everyone.

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      Yes, give it a try and let me know how well it works. Also, I have made it a habit to just make it every week. It is a pain, but I usually make it while I am quickly making something else.

  2. Hi Brandi, Congratulations on hosting the worldwide challenge – it sounds very exciting.
    I always soak almonds covered in the fridge-changing the water daily if necessary. I read somewhere the milk was creamier if they soak longer than 8hrs, don’t know it its true? Would love to be so organised I had dehydrated soaked ones in the freezer. Do you know how long roughly they take and at what temperature? Also is it necessary to soak them again before making the milk. I use a Soyabella to make mine but still strain it.
    All the best, Sandy
    PS Pleas have you any recipes for using the pulp fresh instead of dehydrating it to make flour?

  3. Brandi I am lazy – I soak my almonds in the fridge. It works For me. I also dehydrate then freeze them so that I always have some on hand.

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