FREE Yummy Winter Pizza Recipe!

This pizza is incredible! Actually, it’s more than a pizza because it celebrates the beauty of winter produce! There are 4 parts to this pizza, so there are a lot of ingredients, but they are common and you probably already have them in your kitchen!

This recipe is very job-friendly because it can be prepared ahead of time and assembled by the slice on the spot.

Enjoy this FREE Yummy Recipe!

Download Recipe(PDF format)

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  1. Gosh, that really looks good. I want to make it. I have had NO TIME to do ANYTHING lately and have been eating crap. Fast food crap.

    This is bad. Very bad.

  2. Very excited to have a mentor here in State College after attending Heather’s workshop at Nature’s Pantry today. Looking forward to more chapters in your book and to attending your workshop later this year. Onward to healthier living.

    1. Karen,

      Awww, I am happy to be here! Enjoy the book and I will keep you updated on the workshop! Right now, I am hoping to have the workshop in early July or late June. I would like to have it during the first big crop of summer produce so that the workshop can celebrate the bounty of the summer.


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