Online RAW. YOGA. LIFE. 21-Day Challenge starts August 13th!


Every choice YOU MAKE either…


moves you towards the person you want to be


or away from it.


So, stop wasting time,

and THRIVE this Summer!


My name is Brandi Rollins, PhD,

and I am here to empower you to become

the amazing person you want to be.

Introducing the NEW! RAW. YOGA. LIFE.

21-Day Online Challenge


This program is all about YOU!


I created RAW. YOGA. LIFE. to help you how to create the life you want.  All too often we live our lives as bystanders, watching each day go by. I SAY NO MORE. It’s time we work to create beautiful, amazing lives!





RELEASE and RENEW this Summer!


The 21-Day RAW. YOGA. LIFE. Empowerment Challenge starts August 6th, 2017



What makes this program different?


RAW. YOGA. LIFE. is unique in that it combines




This is the ultimate package for creating revolutionary change in your life! And here’s why:


A high raw foods diet nourishes your body and increases your energy levels, making it easy to become more active. Yoga not only moves the body and increases energy levels, it can improve mindfulness and internal body awareness, further supporting healthy eating habits. And life empowerment coaching gets the whole ball rolling…and keeps it rolling, motivating you to stay on track to achieve your goals.


Program benefits:

  • Gain a clear vision and road map to the life you want to live. This program is more than just raw foods or yoga. This program is about your life and how you live it. In order to create the live we want, we have to face what we have created…no matter how ugly it looks. We are amazing creators and it’s time that we start using our abilities to create the life we want to live.

  • Increased energy, stamina, mental clarity, and focus. Both raw foods and yoga nourishes the body and mind, and when used in combination, they help to keep you motivated and moving towards your life goals.

  • Increased physical strength and flexibility.

  • Improved health. A plant-based diet naturally increases your intake of fruit, vegetables, and dark leafy greens, which can help to reduce your risk of high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, and other chronic illness. In addition, according to the National Institutes of Health, yoga reduces stress, heart rate, blood pressure, hypertension, back pain, and depression. Yoga also improves physical function (i.e. the ability to walk and move) and aids in weight management.

  • Weight loss and more conscious eating behaviors (e.g. eating to live, not living to eat).

  • Learn how to incorporate a sustainable high raw foods diet into your life. A sustainable raw foods diet tastes good, is affordable, and doesn’t require you to spend all day in the kitchen. This program comes with a 21-day Ultimate Menu plan that will guide you through the shopping process, food preparation and storage, and packing food for work. I will also teach you valuable strategies for enjoying a raw foods diet without breaking the bank.

  • Learn how to practice yoga. Yoga is more than just fancy poses and pictures. Yoga is about how we live and make our choices. It teaches us to slow down, and be more mindful and focused in our daily decisions.

  • Increased overall happiness. When we nourish our bodies with nutritious food and healthy movement, we feel happier. When our bodies work better, we feel happier. When we have goals and are achieving those goals, we feel happier. It’s not rocket science!


You will receive:

  • The ULTIMATE 21-Day High Raw Foods Menu Plan complete with

    • In-season recipes

    • Shopping lists

    • Food prep calendar, task list, and storage guide

    • Packing food for work checklist

    • Estimated recipe costs

  • Access to online yoga and meditation classes for every level

  • Guidance on creating a life road map

  • Daily emails and affirmations to motivate you and keep you on track

  • 21-Day Workbook with food and exercise logs, and journaling space

  • The award-winning Raw Foods on a Budget 300-page ebook ($10 value)

  • Confessions of an East Coast Raw Vegan: A guide to eating raw foods in cold climates ebook ($10 value)

  • Raw Food in Real Families ebook ($10 value)

  • Support from a Facebook Group Community Page

  • Support from Weekly Group Support meetings


What is a High Raw Foods Diet?

Raw foods is a way of eating that celebrates the flavor, texture, and beauty of plant-based foods in their natural state, which includes fresh fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, nuts and seeds, sea vegetables, sprouts, and fermented foods. These foods are prepared fresh and whole, and are not processed, cooked, or steamed. Foods are not heated above 115-118 degrees Fahrenheit to maintain enzyme content, thereby making the foods more digestible. A High Raw Foods diet simply means that 75% or more of your diet consists of raw foods.

A High Raw Foods diet detoxes and nourishes the body, while giving you the energy and momentum to make the revolutionary changes you want to see in your life.

Why eat Raw Foods?

  • A plant-based diet naturally increases your intake of fruit, vegetables, and dark leafy greens, which can help you to reduce your risk of high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, and other chronic illness. This way of eating can also result in weight loss and more conscious eating behaviors (e.g. eating to live, not living to eat).

  • Many vitamins and nutrients are temperature sensitive (e.g. vitamin C), so when we cook our fruits and vegetables, we can actually destroy these nutrients.

  • Increased energy, stamina, mental clarity, and focus.

  • Happiness. For me, the biggest reason for eating raw foods has always been happiness. I am my most happy when I eat raw foods. I am less moody, more patient and content, and I have more energy to do the things I want to do. I eat raw foods because it helps me to be a better, happy human being.


Yoga is more than just exercise.

YOGA is about life and how we choose to live it. In every moment of everyday, we are practicing something. We do a great job of practicing stress, worry, anger, low self-esteem, etc…choose your poison. Instead, YOGA teaches us to become more conscious about what we practice AND it teaches us how to make decisions that nourish our mind-body-spirit. YOGA teaches us how to be our best selves.



Watch this video!


What can STUDENTS expect from my yoga instruction?
Students can expect to feel internally nourished, to be challenged, and to leave feeling stronger and clear-minded. In each online class, I provide a space where students can experience yoga as their own, rather than simply regurgitating a list of movements.

Check out my Yoga Resume!

Why LIFE Empowerment Coaching?

Because getting off the couch can be hard!


We all know that it is good to eat healthy and exercise…and yet, we all know how hard this can be.

Most of us have dreams about who we want to be and how we want to live. Yet, change seems beyond our reach. This is where Life Empowerment Coaching comes it.

Do me a favor and SAY this out loud 3 or more times:


“Today, I abandon my old habits and take up new, more positive ones.
I am a powerhouse; I am indestructible.
I am stronger than I can imagine.


How do you feel? Good? Well, that’s what I’m talking about!

Life Empowerment Coaching facilitates long-lasting change through setting goals, confronting and releasing fears, and being brave. It’s about SHOWING UP and saying YES to Life.

What people are saying about my Workshops, Programs, and Books!


Brandi, this 6-Day Raw Foods on a Budget Challenge was exactly what I needed in my life it was healing physically and mentally. Your way of putting veggies and fruits together without torturing them with heat and adding flava is amazing. This way of eating has made a tremendous impact on my life in such a wonderful way.
Thank you.

Betty Majors

Thank You!

Every time I feel I need a reset in my life regarding food I go back to Brandi and her Raw Foods on a Budget plan. It is what got me eating raw 5 years ago and it is what I am comfortable with after all of these years. I am not nor have I ever been 100% raw but I have learned that I can eat mostly raw and feel fantastic. Brandi’s recipes are healthful, easy and delicious!

Carolyn Guercio-Wisler
Progressive Wellness With Carolyn

It’s for good this time!

So my friend Brandy Heyward, who now is a Vegan Chef, encouraged me a couple years ago to do the challenge with you. I found the recipes easy to follow and the shopping list incredibly helpful. While I didn’t convert to total veganism, I found it provided a means for me to incorporate more of the vegan lifestyle in my diet. So I learned some things, like, peel the bananas BEFORE you freeze them. 🙂 But the best benefit, was when I had my annual checkup, my cholesterol numbers went down and my Doctor was very pleased.

I went back to my old ways of eating and most recently my numbers were up to the point where they were looking at putting me on a statin drug, but I was still borderline. I refused to go on a drug and am going back on the Book Camp to get my health back. Because of the Boot Camp I got used to having collard and kale smoothies for breakfast and I make my lunches at work, so my students and co-workers see me massaging my kale and yeast and onions in my raw salads and get to sample my yummy foods. I keep a copy of your recipes in the drawer at work so I can pull them out when I make my breakfast and lunch. I’m excited to be back on the program and it will be for good this time!


I am so ready for

I am so ready for this change! I was vegan for 4 solid years and went back to eating fish and chicken. I was so fit and healthy. I want to get back to feeling good. Putting healthy and fresh foods back in my body. It seems like a distant memory….but soon it will once again be my reality.

LaNiece Morgan

I am new to eating

I am new to eating Raw Food; however, since joining the camp and group, my eyes have been open to a whole new world of eating and food preparation. Thanks Brandi!!!

Dana Bakari

Love all your energy and

Love all your energy and inspiration. Brandi is very motivating, and energetic.
This menu plan is really beautiful, and well organized. Very user friendly.

Laura Rogers

Brandi gives great tips. i

Brandi gives great tips. i enjoy being a member [of the Boot Camp].

Brandy Heyward

Loving it!

I have been loving your week one diet and it’s results!!!
I am on my 7th day today and I have lost 2 kilos, saved money and time.
Something that surprised me was the increased energy level, that I feel satisfied and really happy. I was aware of this from day 2.
Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and wonderful recipes.
Debbie Champion from Australia

I love you so much!

I’ve been doing a little raw here, a little raw there, and love it. I’ve done your boot camp…you are so inspiring!!! In fact, so much so that I’m doing a raw eating class to share some of what I’ve learned from you with my community! I hope you don’t mind, but I’d like to refer participants to you and the boot camp and your wonderful books, and FB page.

Kass Hilliard

Are you interested in the 21-Day Challenge or have questions?


Membership Pricing

To help you get the most from the 21-Day Challenge, I made it into a membership! With this membership, you get access to the Challenge and all it's materials, online yoga videos, and group support meetings for 1 YEAR. This way, you can do the Challenge several times to set a strong foundation for your NEW LIFE!

The next 21-Day Challenge starts August 13, 2017!

*My goal is to keep this program as affordable as possible so that everyone who wants to participate, can participate, while at the same time providing myself with a living income.*






Reg. $100

SALE ends on 8/9

1 YEAR membership to the 21-day Challenge, which includes the Ultimate Menu Plan, Online yoga and meditaton classes, 21-Day Workbook, 3-Ebooks containing 500+ pages of Raw Recipes and Content, and access to the community forum and group support meetings.



Reg. $120

SALE ends on 8/9

Receive the BASIC membership, and:

A COLOR paperback of the the 21-Day Challenge Workbook sent to your home! Shipping is included.

All Star Package


Reg. $150

SALE ends on 8/9

Receive the PLUS membership, and:

A Color edition of Raw Foods on a Budget (peek inside) sent to your home, access to the Raw Foods on a Budget Boot Camp, access to 30+ talks from the Health on a Budget Summit, and 4 Summit BONUS E-Books! Learn more

In short, All Stars receive access to everything that I do! Including this NEW program <3



Want more accountability during the 21-Day Challenge?

Get the All Star package, and:

One-on-one video/phone coaching with Brandi! This includes an initial 1-hr get-to-know-you + goal setting call, daily check-ins (video/phone/text messaging) for the first 2 weeks of the Boot Camp, and bi-weekly check-ins thereafter.


Note: As always, All Stars lovingly receive free access to everything that I do! If you are an All Star, you will receive instruction on how to sign up for this Challenge for free in your email (in the coming weeks).

Refund Policy

Fortunately, over the past 7 years of running raw food online programs, I have had very few refunds. If for any reason you're not thrilled, you can contact me at any time within the next 7 days for a 100% refund. My email is brandi[at]rawfoodsonabudget[dot]com. This is my direct personal email address.

Please note that I am a small business and practically all of the income that comes through my programs is spent on maintaining the business and website. So please make sure that you are ready to commit before purchasing the program. I am all about helping people to save money and as long as you put in the effort, you will see savings!






































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