What to ask your farmer at the farmers’ market

I was recently ask by someone on facebook:

“What are the best questions to ask farmers when shopping at a farmers market and how can I spot a fraud market versus an authentic when it comes to organic produce?”

To best answer her question, I made this brief 12-min video. Tell me what you think!


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  1. Great video Brandi! I love how you suggest making friends with Farmers at Farmers Markets and then give pointers on how to interact with them. So thoughtful and kind of you to make this so easy for us city folks! You have inspired me to attend more Farmers Markets in my area, even though the season is likely ending soon. Thank you! Dyann from Washington State

  2. This is my first year of helping at the farmer’s market and it has been such an incredible opportunity. LotFotl is an awesome Organic Farm in Elkhorn, WI. For spending a couple hours bagging up produce and helping people make their purchases I get free produce and an invaluable education. Last time I worked the market I got to ask “Have you had your “Dragon’s Tongue” today?” I had never seen a Dragon’s Tongue bean before nor had I ever tasted one, what a delight!! In Wisconsin we have another National Treasure and that is Mr. Will Allen http://www.motherearthnews.com/fair/ws-pu-allen.aspx He is the hero of urban farming. I just thought I would add his name so that your readers could look up his resources as well. Brandi, I am so glad I found your website!!!

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