The REAL reality of raw foods…

Last night, during a 28 Day Boot Camp group support meeting, I was speaking to one of the boot campers and I said something so insightful about transitioning to raw foods! And I just want to share it.

This particular boot camper was interested in spending the current session of the boot camp to read the materials and to hold off transitioning to a raw foods diet until the July session (starts June 30th). She has had trouble in the past with being consistent on a raw foods diet, so she wanted to take her time. Of I am totally OK with this. But I made a request. I asked her to spend 5-10 minutes journaling on a daily basis about eating raw foods and what it meant to her. I asked her to do this because I wanted her to make raw foods apart of her daily reality…even though she would not be 50-100% raw until July. And I wanted that discussion to less of a black and white discussion, but rather one where she is exploring how a raw foods diet could fit into her life.

Often the raw foods diet gets promoted as black and white, but the problem is that life is not black and white at all. And what usually happens is that this perspective leads to disappointment and giving up. It’s hard to fit into a black and white idea when you are human. It’s like trying to jam a puzzle piece into the wrong place. The piece just doesn’t fit and ends up getting a little damaged.


Personally, I am more interested in showing people how a raw foods diet could fit into their living situation. So, that is what I wanted her to journal about. Maybe nothing specific at first, but just to pose the question…what type of raw foods diet would work for her? If she is preparing cooked food for her son, what could she do to make that process easier for herself? Often the answer is very simple like teaching your 11-year old how to prepare some easy to cook recipes (that won’t burn the house down) for himself. And maybe while you are preparing your raw recipes over the weekend for the upcoming week, your son could be preparing his food (in preparation for his week) in the kitchen as well.

In the end, we are all doing the best we can. So honor your humanity and start thinking about how you can make a raw foods diet work for you. There are many ways to eat a raw foods diet, and ultimately, the best way is the one that fits your life.


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