The EASY Way to Eat Raw Garlic

You probably know that raw garlic is good for your body… but you may not know HOW GOOD it is!

  1. Garlic is rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin B6 and Manganese.
  2. Garlic boosts your immune system and reduces how often you get colds. In fact, it can reduce the number of days you are sick with the cold or flu.
  3. Garlic reduces high blood pressure and improves cholesterol levels
  4. Garlic can help detoxify heavy metals from your body

In a nutshell, there are many reasons to eat raw garlic. But often, the tricky part is getting it into your diet. For me, I usually put 1-2 cloves in a leafy or dark green salad each day…but recently, I have taken to eating the cloves whole.

Okay, I know what you are thinking….wtf? Who eats garlic whole? Well, now I do! And I wanna show you how I do it. It’s a lot cheaper than buying garlic supplements and you don’t have to rely on including garlic in your meals. I mean, sometimes, you just don’t wanna put garlic in your dinner, right? 🙂

Oh and keep in mind that I LOVE GARLIC!

So, here’s how I do it: I remove one garlic clove from a head of garlic, and then I slice the clove into 3-4 pieces with a sharp knife (shown below).


I try to slice the garlic clove so that each slice is the size of a normal supplement capsule that I would normally swallow with water. YOU WANT TO MAKE SURE THAT YOU DO NOT SLICE THE GARLIC TOO THICK…OTHERWISE IT MAY BE DIFFICULT TO SWALLOW. Stay on the safe side. But, if you can comfortably swallow a standard herbal supplement capsule, then you should be able to do this. If you are unsure, you can always cut the garlic into smaller pieces and swallow it that way. Depending on the size of the garlic, you may need to cut it into 4 or more pieces to swallow it safely.

Once you have your garlic sliced up, simply swallow it with water 🙂 That’s all. I find it easy to swallow 2-3 cloves this way without really tasting the garlic. And remember that you want to swallow the garlic as soon as you cut it…which makes this a great way to get fresh garlic into your diet.


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