Tell me what you deserve!

A few nights ago, I had this amazing thought…I deserve extreme happiness.

While I have heard this statement in many forms, this one really struck me because it was that True part of myself saying “You deserve it”.

It didn’t mean that I didn’t have to put in the work for extreme happiness. Rather, it meant that I had a right to reach for goals that are meaningful to me and that there were multiple paths to reach them. It also meant that I deserved the things and experiences that would facilitate my journey to these goals. It was me telling myself that I deserved yoga everyday, I deserved to go to bed earlier so that I could start the next day fresh, and I deserved to complete tasks to the best of my ability and to be present in my life. In all the million little choices that I make in a given day, I owed it myself to make the right ones…why? Because as a human being, I deserved it. I deserved a beautiful life right now and the only obstacle was me.

Now tell me what you deserve! Maybe it’s to eat healthy, be active, be loved??? Whatever it is, share it with the world and inspire others!



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