Take pride in an half-empty fridge!

When you get into the habit of buying the amount of produce you need, rather than the amount you want, you will find that your refrigerator and counters are not as full as they used to be. This can be a strange experience for some of us who are used to having a refrigerator filled with food and counters lined with bowls of produce.

I will admit, it used to feel good to open my refrigerator and have so many wonderful options to choose from. Why wouldn’t it? A full fridge looks better than an empty one, just like a furnished house looks better than a house with no furniture.

However, all of this “fullness” has a price. It costs a lot to keep our kitchens filled with fresh produce. And just think about how much of this food goes to waste. When a refrigerator is full, we tend to forget about the foods we have, and it’s easy for small food items to hide behind larger items and spoil.


The good news is that we can unlearn our preference for a full refrigerator. Just change your ideas about what a half-empty fridge means to you. For some of us, a half-empty fridge may mean a lack of abundance or even poverty; however, it can have a more positive meaning. For me, a half-empty fridge means that I am succeeding at living on a budget, and that I am appreciating and using all that I have while not wasting the abundance I have been given. And now when I see a full fridge, it actually freaks me out because I feel pressured to eat all of that food before it spoils.

So, take pride in your half-empty fridge! It’s a sign of your success!


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