Stop eating and start moving! Use Dec 26th to get back on track…

The holidays are coming to an end and, for many of us, so is the excess eating! It’s time to get back on track and get your body moving.Most people don’t realize it, but exercise is the best way to flip the health switch and make better food choices. Maybe it’s the endorphins (?), but after you exercise, it becomes  easier to make healthier food choices.

So, for Dec 26th, make the commitment to exercise. Go outside (or inside) and get moving! And when you are done, let the world know by posting it on my Facebook page: I plan to do Bikram yoga tomorrow morning at 9am, and once I am done, I am going to let the world know! I will say something like “I did Bikram yoga and I feel amazing!” Plan to make a post because it will keep you accountable and it will inspire others to be active!



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