My New Spring Detox Menu Plan has been released!


I am super thrilled to announce the release of my NEW SPRING DETOX Menu Plan (143 pages of color)! And it is gorgeous!!!

This menu plan is complete with:

  • In-season recipes that require no more than a blender, food processor, knife and cutting board!
  • Shopping lists
  • Food preparation calendar
  • Food storage instructions
  • Pack food for work checklist (so you know what to bring to work  each day)
  • Estimated recipe costs
  • Guide on how to assemble a raw vegan plate, sprout buckwheat, and start a simple liver cleanse!

Equipment needed:

  • Knife
  • Cutting Board
  • Blender
  • Food processor (of any size…try to borrow one from a relative)
  • Optional: dehydrator


RAW YOGA LIFE Spring DETOX 21-Day Menu Plan PREVIEW reduced 3

This menu plan is a part of the RAW YOGA LIFE 21-Day Challenge,

which starts Sunday, May 7th!

BUT, you can also download the SPRING DETOX Menu Plan by itself for only:

ONLY $40.00

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