Quick tip to avoid cold raw food in the winter months!

Many of us are now entering the cooler months!

Yay for crisper skies and beautiful sunsets! And this also means that our intake of raw foods is going to change…which is okay, because life is about change. I wanted to share a quick tip with all of you. Many people complain about raw food being cold in the winter…which was always a strange thing for me to hear because my food is never cold. And then I has an ah ha moment!

My food is never cold because I do a very good job of leaving my food out well before I eat it.

So for example, I have leftovers of a beet soup (in pic below) I made yesterday. In preparation to eat it 1-2 hours from now, I took it out of the fridge now. And this naturally happens if you pack food for work. It can stay in your lunchbag for a few hours or even up to 8 hours (except for nut milks, which will spoil). 

I remember when I used to work for 13 hours a day at a full-time and part-time job. To manage my raw food diet, I had to prepare all of my raw food meals in the morning. In fact, I would wake up at 4am, prepare food and get ready for work until 6am, and commute for 30 minutes. I worked from 6:30 to 2:30pm, and then from 4-9pm. And then, I would go to the gym for an hour. With this schedule, I became very good at packing food in lunch bags and naturally all of my food warmed to room temperature. And I would keep any fresh juices in insulated containers. It was perfect!

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