New You Challenge: Savor Your Food

This week, I challenge you to savor your food!

He’s doing it! You can do it too!

It’s so easy to wolf down our food while we are distracted on the phone, watching TV, or working. But not being present during our meals has consequences for our waist lines and budgets! How? It takes 20 minutes or so for our brains to register that we are full, so when we eat food too quickly we eat more than our bodies biologically need. And regular overeating eats away at our budgets. Think about it, if you took all the food you overate today, would you come up with an extra meal? What if you calculated it for a whole month? For so many of us, continuous overeating may add up to a week’s worth of food (or more) that we didn’t need to buy every single month! That’s a lot of money we could have been saving! It’s like receiving a week’s worth of groceries for free!

So, what can you do? You can begin by savoring your meals! Savoring your meals means that you slow down and really focus on what you are eating. It doesn’t mean that you read a book while you are eating or chat with a friend (just in case you were wondering).

Check out these additional benefits to savoring your meals:

  • You food will digest better
  • You food will taste better
  • You will experience a better feeling of fullness

So what do you have to lose!

Complete this activity before 10/23 or it will self-destruct!


Here are the instructions:

  1. Read Strategy 70 (very short) on pages 116-117 of Raw Foods on a Budget
  2. Pick any day before 10/23 and commit to savor all of the food you put into your mouth for the WHOLE DAY. It can be any day you want. If you would like to do this while you are at home, then choose a weekend. Or if you want an additional challenge, do this during a workday. It’s really up to you.
  3. Read the worksheet “It’s Time to Savor Your Food” (pages 126-127). You will complete this worksheet on the day you plan to savor your meals. Keep in mind that the worksheet is structured so that you have the option of savoring your meals for 5 days in a row. For this challenge you only need to do it for one day, but feel free to do it longer.
  4. Journal about your experience. How did it feel to savor your food? Was it difficult? What did you like about it? Did you eat less?
  5. Share your experience on the forum!



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