New You Challenge: Get More from Life!

Serve Yourself Less to Get More From Life!

In our culture of bigger is better, it has become the norm to eat very large meals. Unfortunately, when people transition over to a raw foods diet, they tend to carry this harmful habit with them. One way to delay or minimize the benefits of a raw food diet is to eat more than your body biologically needs! And it’s a very costly habit as well! Think of all of food (and thus money) you could save if you only gave your body the food it needed.

How do you determine how much food your body needs? One way to find out is to serve yourself less food! Research shows that when people served themselves 25% less food, they ate less and were just as full as when they served themselves regularly. The fact is that most people tend to eat what is on their plates. So, if they serve themselves a lot, they eat a lot; if they serve themselves less food, they eat less food.


Here are the instructions:

  1. Read Strategy 68 (very short) on pages 115-116 in Raw Foods on a Budget
  2. Pick any day before 10/30 and commit to eating 25% less food for the entire day! It can be any day you want. If you would like to do this while you are at home, then choose a weekend. Or if you want an additional challenge, do this during a workday. It’s really up to you.
  3. Read the worksheet “Serve Yourself Less to Get More From Life” (pages 124-125). You will complete this worksheet on the day you plan to complete this challenge.
  4. Share your experience on the forum!


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