Life is like teaching a yoga class…


A few months a ago, I finished my yoga training at Lila Yoga Studios with Erica Kaufman (www.lilayogastudios.com). Since then I have been teaching yoga classes at the studio.

And I think it is so funny, because when most people think of teaching yoga, they think of the external things (e.g. teaching postures, knowing the anatomy of the body)…but my primary focus as a teacher has been to get out of my own way. The students who attend my class don’t need Brandi and all her insecurities, nor do they need me to hold myself back. In fact, they need me to be my best self.

And that is something that is true about life and living. We need other to be our best selves. It doesn’t mean that issues or problems won’t arise..that is a part of living. Being our best selves means setting our intentions beyond ourselves and to lead with our hearts. To be honest and sincere about where we are, and from there, to offer and be of service. This is how I was taught to teach a yoga class…and it’s funny, because indirectly, I was also being taught how to live.


P.S. I teach Sun Salutations at Lila Yoga Studios (in State College, PA) www.lilayogastudios.com!


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  1. This is a great mantra for life and so true. By being your best as an instructor you not only get the most physically out of students and yourself, but also inspire them to be at their best in an emotional and physical sense. Lucky students!

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