Having unhealthy food cravings late at night? Here’s an easy solution

Have you noticed that when you stay up past 10:30pm you get hungry again? I know I do! And when I do, I crave the fattiest and sweetest foods like nuts, chocolate, tea lattes, ice cream, and other things that I should not eat late at night. And it gets even worse when I am stressed. My emotional eating kicks in, to cope with the stress, and I crave foods like chips and Indian food…lol. Yes, I will admit it!

Eating at night also helps to pack on the pounds. According to Kelly Allison of the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine’s Center for Weight and Eating Disorders, food that is consumed late at night is more likely to be stored as fat rather than burned as energy (as written in the Washington Post). So, if you have any weight loss goals, eating late at night can sabotage these goals. Plus, given that we tend to crave foods that are higher in fat and sugar late at night, these cravings can make it difficult to transition to a raw foods diet.

So, try this…go to bed before 10:30pm. And if you can, be in bed by 10pm. Not only will you avoid these cravings, you will also wake up better the next day! You will feel more energized and ready for your day…rather than waking up with last night’s snack undigested in your tummy!




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  1. I have several raw food cookbooks but I just love your raw foods on a budget! Mainly because of the easy to fix recipes. Thank you! Looking forward to more

    1. Post
    1. Your body is probably on a different cycle, so it’s okay to eat after 10:30pm. Night is really your daylight hours.

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