Get Back on Track After Thanksgiving

Recently, someone emailed me asking for suggestions on how to get back on track after Thanksgiving. I sent him a few suggestions and then I realized that all of you may find these tips helpful as well! Enjoy!

  • The first thing is not be hard on yourself. You are where you need to be right. Thanksgiving just highlighted the fact that you may need to add some components to your lifestyle that support raw living, such as having greater variety in your raw meals.
  • Keep a food journal – super important! A food journal is simply a journal where you document everything you eat in a day. It helps you to be accountable and conscious of what you eat! It really does work! If you are serious about going raw, then you need to be serious about keeping a food journal.
  • Integrate 20-30 minutes of strenuous exercise into your day. And when I say strenuous, I mean to push yourself to the limit. The sweat and euphoria you experience will help you to feel more confident and healthy. And remember that pushing yourself to your limit doesn’t mean hurting your knees or back. You can do a lot of activities such as walking on a treadmill or swimming…the only thing is that you are working to push yourself (e.g. using interval training). Don’t workout for long periods of time…have smart workouts. Fitness helps your body to feel healthy and when your body feels healthy, it is easier to eat healthy. I like to think of fitness as a switch that turns off “living to eat” and turns on “eating to live.”
  • Go to the library, and borrow some books on motivation and fitness so that you are integrating discussions on self-improvement and exercise into your life. It makes it easier because it keeps you conscious. Plus, you will get a ton of ideas on how to be active (I just read a book called “This is Why You are Fat” and it was very helpful…it was how I learned how to have smart workouts). And don’t just borrow books that appeal to you. Try a few different books, and see what you can learn.

Let me know what happens!


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