Get rid of fruit flies in 24 hours or LESS!


When the weather warms up, these little critters find their way back into our kitchens…making our fruit rot faster…and just being a major annoyance.

Fruit flies can live for up to 40 days and actually make your fruit and veggies spoil faster. They deposit mold spores under the skin of fruits and vegetables to increase the speed at which they spoil. So, here’s a few easy ways to protect your fruits and veggies from fruit flies:

  • Prevent fruit flies from having contact with your fresh produce by placing it in a bowl and covering the bowl with a cloth. I like to take a shoestring (or large rubberband, as shown in picture) and tighten the cloth around the bowl. Keep in mind that the bowl can be a large mixing bowl or a small bowl (as shown below). Or, you can place your fruits and vegetables in a cloth bag that ties shut (seal it with rubberband). What you don’t want to do is to put your produce in an airtight container, which will make your food spoil regardless.

  • You can also pour some vinegar into a glass bottle that has a small opening (like a wine bottle). Vinegar is like donuts to fruit flies. They love it so much that they will eventually drown in it. You can even tape the top portion of the bottle opening, leaving only a small opening to allow the fruit flies to fly through. This will make it more difficult for them to get out. Keep in mind that this technique works better for some kitchens than others. In my kitchen, for whatever reason, it tends to have a moderate impact.
  • This is one of my favorite strategies. If you currently have a fruit fly problem, this will get rid of most of your fruit flies overnight. During the day, place all of your fruit and vegetable scraps in a large bowl (preferably glass). Then before you go to bed, cover the bowl loosely with plastic wrap or a grocery bag (making sure to leave openings). It’s important not to seal the plastic wrap because you want the fruit flies to be able to get in. And then go to bed. In the morning, most of your fruit flies will be in the bowl, underneath the plastic wrap. Now all you have to do is to seal them in (this is where the glass bowl comes in handy…it seals better) or to tie the grocery bag closed. Immediately, take the bowl of scraps outside away from your home and dump it into a compost heap or the trash. Now, you just got rid of most of your fruit flies.

4. Check for rotting fruit. You can’t really get rid of fruit flies if you have rotting fruit lying somewhere in your kitchen.

Try one or all of these strategies. The third one is the quickest solution to getting rid of fruit flies overnight, whereas the first one is a preventative measure. the second strategy will catch any fruit fly that dares to wander into your kitchen.

Enjoy! And share this information! Everyone should know how to get rid of these annoying little pests!


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  1. Brandi you are awesome!
    I modified # 3 and caught approx. 30 flies in 5 minutes! For the stragglers # 2 fixed them 🙂

    Thank you so much!


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