A simple way to get out of a raw food rut!

Recently, I have been finding myself in a raw food rut. I have gotten so used to making quick and easy meals that I am beginning to crave texture. I do rotate ingredients pretty often, so I am sure variety is not the issue…just need to be a little bit more creative in the kitchen. So I made it a goal to prepare at least one “fancy” meal over the weekend. Keep in mind that “fancy” for me means any meal that takes longer than 10 minutes. I have become a little lazy when it comes to raw food prep.Now, back to my goal. I set the goal last week, so last weekend was the first time I had to act on it. And I am still surprised at how much I ended up making. I prepared kale chips, granola, Brazil nut milk, flaxseed crackers, and onion bread. Yes, I spent quite some time in the kitchen, but considering how lazy I have been, it was long overdue. We will see what happens next weekend. I don’t think I will spend as much time in the kitchen, which is fine. My only goal is to make one recipe. And if I feel inspired to make more, then so be it!

If you find yourself in a rut, make it a goal to prepare one fancy meal a week. It doesn’t have to be in a dehydrator…it can be anything using the equipment you already have. Just be sure to choose a recipe that isn’t too expensive. You can find some affordable ones at www.rawfoodsonabudget.com and in the book, Raw Foods on a Budget (www.rawfoodsonabudget.com/products-page).


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  1. Thanks, Cindy! You know, I can’t seem to *not* organize thigns. I guess that’s just how my brain works it constantly wants to group thigns together and make sense of it once it’s in place. I think your blog is about much more than just pictures! You share pieces of yourself that means a lot to you, and it shows. It’s okay to be a private person Cindy still comes across!!

  2. I am in the January bootcamp, so does that mean that I will have access to this as well? Thanks 🙂
    PS. I think I have inspired my office, they are shocked when they see all the beautiful creations – thanks to you. Of course I can’t take full credit. xoxo

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