Eating Raw in the Winter, and LOVING IT! Class


Every time I hear someone say:

“It’s impossible to eat raw foods in the winter”, I GIGGLE!

If that’s true, I have been doing the IMPOSSIBLE for 6 years!

I have even written a whole book about it!

Not only can you eat raw foods in the winter, 



Join me, Brandi Rollins, author of Confessions of an East Coast Raw Vegan: A Guide to Eating Raw Foods on the East Coast and Raw Foods on a Budget, for a fantastic class where I will teach you how to enjoy a raw foods diet in the winter!


In my class, you will learn:

Why heating your foods only creates short-term heat!

How to really get warm from your foods!

Why most raw food books don’t work for eating raw in the winter!

How to stay satisfied & comforted from a winter-loving raw foods diet!

How to keep the variety high in your diet during the winter!

How to eat an affordable, winter-loving raw foods diet!

The benefits of living in a cooler climate!

The importance of eating in season all year long!

How to prepare for the winter!

How to store fruits and vegetables in preparation for the winter!

Warming fruits, vegetables, seeds, spices, and herbs!


Watch NOW! (Links Below)

Or, watch the Video Recording: Raw in the Winter Course Webinar Video



Check out my book Confessions of an East Coast Raw Vegan!

A guidebook devoted to teaching you how to eat raw foods in cold climates!

Or get the $10 eBook HERE!

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