Raw Foods on a Budget Book


written by Brandi Rollins, PhD, author of Confessions of an East Coast Raw Vegan and creator of the Health on a Budget Summit

*Winner of the 2012 Independent Publisher’s Book Award (Bronze Medal) in Health/Medicine/Nutrition category

*Winner of the 2012 Living Now Book Award (Gold Medal) in Cooking/Natural category



Brandi takes raw food to the next level by providing 90 low-cost, delicious raw food recipes, each displaying valuable nutrition information and recipe cost details. Yet, the recipes are only a small fraction of this book. Raw Foods on a Budget is a comprehensive program and workbook designed by readers like you to teach both raw food newbies and long-time enthusiasts how to eat raw foods while living on a limited budget. This book takes a holistic approach to budgeting by showing you how and where to shop for low-cost produce; how to store, prepare, and eat raw foods to make the most out of your money; and overall, helps you change your relationship with food.

Since 2004, Brandi has been committed to fulfilling her dreams and maintaining her raw vegan lifestyle; however, it has had its obstacles. One major challenge was figuring out how to afford this seemingly expensive lifestyle while on a small student stipend. And let’s just say, it took her a long to figure it out. For most of her time as a raw vegan, Brandi’s grocery bills were out of control. She would spend $500-$600 a month just to feed herself. Her justification was simple: fruits and vegetables are expensive, so being raw vegan is going to be expensive. But the truth was that she was not managing her grocery bills and, as a result, was wasting a lot of money and food, and driving herself into debt.

Then it all changed. The economy went into a crisis and all the major credit card companies increased their interest rates as much as possible. All of sudden, Brandi had to deal with the debt she had accrued from failing to manage her food bills. Though it took her a few months, she finally decided to take steps towards reducing her debt. Her first step was obvious: she had to tackle her grocery bills. She made very small adjustments at first, and it was the feeling of success from these small steps that planted the seeds for Raw Foods on a Budget. Over a few short months, Brandi was able to reduce her monthly food bills in half!

Released in 2011, Raw Foods on a Budget is the first comprehensive guide to eating raw foods while living on a limited budget. The book was designed by Brandi and a team of readers to provide raw food newcomers and long-term enthusiasts with all the materials they need to enjoy a raw foods lifestyle while successfully staying on a tight budget. The book takes a holistic approach to budgeting by showing readers how small changes can help reduce and keep their food bills low. Eating raw foods while on a limited budget is more than just finding low-cost fruits and vegetables, rather it encompasses how and where you buy food; how you store, prepare, and eat food; and your overall relationship with food and your budget. Raw Foods on a Budget provides over 40 strategies to help readers master these different dimensions of budgeting, and it also gives readers step-by-step instructions in creating their own monthly raw food budget. In addition, the book contains over 75 delicious low-cost recipes for juices, smoothies, nut milks, breakfast, entrees and sides, soups, salads, dressings and dips, breads and crackers, desserts, and even recipes for preparing dried and frozen foods. Each recipe also contains valuable nutrition information and recipe cost tables and tips!


About Brandi:

Brandi Rollins is a raw food speaker, instructor, and award-winning author of the books, Raw Foods on a Budget and Confessions of an East Coast Raw Vegan – A Guide to Eating Raw Foods on the East Coast. Over the past 10 years, Brandi has empowered individuals to live a budget-conscious raw food lifestyle and given them the tools to thrive on raw foods in cold climates. She is the voice behind the Raw Foods on a Budget Movement, and she has made it her mission to give people the tools they need to live amazing, happy lives.

Email: brandi at rawfoodsonabudget.com



As a new person to Raw I needed help

I needed recipes that were both easy to make and on a budget. Brandi’s work has helped me to make the change easier and more cost effective. I felt like I had hit the jackpot when I found Raw on a Budget. I am so thankful for Brandi’s work and I think anyone who is starting out on a raw diet should buy this book.


What a fantastic book!!!

It has been said “to be a success you must find a need and fill it”. Brandi has done just that! I am so blessed to have found the wisdom & practical advice, given in abundance, in this book. As a disabled person on a tight budget and new to the raw food lifestyle, this is just what i needed to show me the way to raw food success. Thanks, bandi, for not keeping this amazing information to yourself!!!

Patricia Johnson

No more guess work!

Brandi has written a book that takes all the guess work out of healthy eating for you. All the way through the smarter planning of your meals, to the shopping, preparing, and storing of your produce, to the fine print of start up costs and appliances or other tools you may need to have in your kitchen for a more raw food based lifestyle. Brandi not only shows you how to shop and get healthy food on a budget she also has a plethora of delicious recipes with beautiful photography that captures the quality of her dishes. Brandi has put her heart, time, and love into this book and it’s evident through her thoroughness and meticulous efforts to show anyone wanting to incorporate a raw food lifestyle how to do it. From the beginner to the expert this is a must have book in your kitchen for anyone who wants to eat more raw foods, have a healthier option for meals, and stay on a budget at the same time. Brandi is a gem amongst raw food culinary artists and her book is bound to be a friend you refer back to again and again!

Ashley Parkinson

“Raw Foods on a Budget” has been blessing for me in many ways. This book offers everything a beginner on the raw food journey will needed to get started and to stick with it. It offers wonder strategies from shopping to planning simple and delicious meals, and much, much more while on a budget. I am forever grateful for this wonderful book!!


Raw food on a budget is a blessing. this book dispels the myth that eating healthy is expensive. One of the most valuable tips I have learned is how to shop and eat everything before going to by more food. Not only has it helped me save a LOT of money, it has helped me to be creative with the foods. Raw Foods on a Budget has a VOICE of it’s own. I am grateful for Brandi’s ability and willingness to share her discoveries with the world!!!

Shawnette Sampson

I wanted to start eating Raw but after the first week of buying fruits and veggies, I didn’t think I was going to be able to continue. This book showed me how affordable it really is so I could continue eating raw. It also showed me what produce is in season in my area so I can eat as fresh as possible. I love the guide on meal planning and shopping, what a life saver that has been. I am no longer wasting food and money. Thank you Brandi for caring and taking the time in gathering all of this information and putting your talent to work to write this book! Shine on!

Sherrie Paglia

This is a great book

I followed one of your suggestions on how to shop more effectively, and it is saving me money. It was something so simple, and for some reason I never thought of it. My favourite recipe are the donut holes. I make them whenever I have guests, and they just love them. Its a wonderful gem of a book, lots of great recipes and information. Good luck and thanks for sharing this with us!


I love you so much!

I’ve been doing a little raw here, a little raw there, and love it. I’ve done your boot camp…you are so inspiring!!! In fact, so much so that I’m doing a raw eating class to share some of what I’ve learned from you with my community! I hope you don’t mind, but I’d like to refer participants to you and the boot camp and your wonderful books, and FB page.

Kass Hilliard


The state of the world relies on our ability to live in harmony with nature. Eating raw foods is one of the simple ways to change the world. Thank you for creating this book to guide us on how to really nourish our selves within any budget and change the world at the same time.

Anne Marie

This book has gotten me to working on eating raw because always before I thought I could not afford to do it. With growing sprouts and other easy grow crops I’m eating for almost free and have lost 4lb this week and my BP is down to what it should be. The book gave me some ideas and I came up with the rest. It is a must have for anyone on low income.

Theresa Gaines

Thank you for this book, great information and recipes. This help me keep healthy and the pocket book still has cash. I have learned so much from your site and book. Thank you again.



I just ordered and started reading your new e-book and i absolutely love it. It almost seems to late for me to go raw, with my current family situation (husband eats meat, cheese, etc). But your book is inspiring me to think about it again.

Jackie Piemonte

Yes, for being able to go simply raw and not go broke doing it. Raw Foods on a Budget is a must have for all who seek peace of mind, body, spirit, and wallet.

Teresa Allen

What an amazing book!

The amount of research and the level of detail the author put into this shows her dedication to bringing the healthy raw food to people and making it affordable. The recipes looks delicious, too!!


Raw Foods on a Budget

is a beautiful book and I recommend it to EVERYONE. From the clear guidance of the equipment and tools we need to go raw, to the delicious recipes, Brandi makes eating raw, living foods a breeze. Thank you, Brandi 😀


Book Reviews!

Brian Clement Dr. Brian Clement, Co-Director of the Hippocrates Health Institute

Brandi's straight-forward approach is refreshing, comprehensive, and enlightening. Everyone who wants to improve their health should read this contribution to humanity.






Victoria Boutenko, author of the award-winning book, Green for Life

When I first chose to write a review for "Raw Food on a Budget", I simply liked its appearance and idea. When I read the book, it amazed me with its profound philosophical and political meaning. Every time I am offered to sign another petition, whether against GMOs or for humane treatment of farm animals, I do sign them, but I find myself left with a heavy feeling of the enormous challenges that exist in the field of healthy living. There must be another way back to harmony.

Brandi Rollins points exactly to this harmonious path. After reading her book, it became clear to me that if we follow her advice, we won't ever need to sign any petitions, because without our support, those industrial food giants will topple.

These companies keep us addicted to their convenient services. Most people prefer to buy groceries at the local store, prewashed and prepackaged, not always organic, but often at high cost. Rollins has completely reconstructed her shopping practices. She learned to obtain only the highest quality organic foods and at the same time cut her budget to up to 75%. How? You may learn from her book.

This brave hardworking woman has done her homework. She has searched for every possibility of how to improve the quality and freshness of the food, to cut its cost, and to support the local producers. Rollins grows some of her produce in her backyard; she picks up seasonal fruits and veggies at U-Pick farms; she found out about the best times and places to buy at bulk prices; she even organizes her storage space in the most economical way. In addition to providing these helpful tips, "Raw Food on a Budget" contains 90 scrumptious, fully illustrated recipes.

By growing her own food and buying from farmers, the author consumes only the best food. No wonder she looks so healthy - she doesn't have to worry about inorganic chemicals in her food or GMOs. I believe that if more of us would follow Rollins' methods, our food supply would greatly improve. That is the true way to stay in control of our food quality.

The entire book is written in a warm and sincere tone. After looking at her cute personal picture gallery, I feel like I have known Brandi for a long time. I recommend this beautifully designed, valuable handbook to all my friends. Let us learn how to eat better and become healthier!

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