Confessions of an East Coast Raw Vegan Book: Guide for Eating Raw Food in Cold Climates


written by Brandi Rollins, PhD, award-winning author of Raw Foods on a Budget and creator of the Health on a Budget Summit




This the first book to talk about eating raw foods while living on the east coast or in other cold climates. Let’s face it, eating raw foods in cold climates can be a tricky and requires a whole different set of strategies than eating raw foods in California or other warm climates. However, it can be done and this book will show you how!

This book will teach you many strategies for creating and maintaining a raw vegan lifestyle while living in cold climates, as well as highlight the benefits to eating raw vegan on the east coast. You will also learn over 50 recipes to create beautiful entrees, desserts, smoothies, juices and milks, breads and crackers, and soups, salads, dressings, and dips! These recipes are simple and low-cost, and truly celebrate all the produce that the east coast has to offer!

About Brandi:

Brandi Rollins is a raw food speaker, instructor, and award-winning author of the books, Raw Foods on a Budget and Confessions of an East Coast Raw Vegan – A Guide to Eating Raw Foods on the East Coast. Over the past 10 years, Brandi has empowered individuals to live a budget-conscious raw food lifestyle and given them the tools to thrive on raw foods in cold climates. She is the voice behind the Raw Foods on a Budget Movement, and she has made it her mission to give people the tools they need to live amazing, happy lives.

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I am really impressed

with Brandi’s first raw food book, Confessions of an East Coast Raw Vegan….I laughed and cried while reading her stories about her childhood and early college days. I loved the nutrition charts below each recipe. And I really enjoyed the seasonal food charts, pictures of her gardens, and all the beautiful recipes! I’m excited to share this resource with other raw vegans, and especially East Coast raw vegans and those living on the East Coast who are considering the raw vegan diet but aren’t sure how to do it. It is so important to have support when embarking on this way of life, and I hope this book gives you all you need!

Jinjee Talifero

An aspiring raw vegan

I wanted to say thank you for your book. I live in Philadelphia, PA and have tried eating raw food for years. I always get to a turning point and just give up. But finally there’s a book that deals with living on the east coast. I thought I could only thrive on a raw food diet in California or Hawaii. But now there’s hope. I started my raw food diet a couple of days ago and looking forward to the years on being this wonderful diet.

Mar Na

Delicious burgers!

The “My Famous Hamburgers” are Delicious that deserves the capital D!









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