Results from my Fruit Picking Adventure: 8lbs of Fresh Peaches for 10 bucks!


Over the weekend, I found a Peach ‘pick-your-own’ opportunity <3!

 I didn’t even know that Harner Farms, a local farm in State College, PA, even offered pick your own…and I have been going to their on-site market for years 🙂 It’s just a reminder that our food environments are constantly changing…and we should always be on the look for opportunities for local, affordable, delicious produce.



So here is how ‘pick-your-own’ works…you pick/harvest your own fruit at a discounted price (instead of it being picked for you).

I have never picked peaches before, but in less than 5 minutes, I had a grocery bag full of peaches. I picked 8 pounds of fresh peaches for a total of $10 <3 <3

So far, I have dried a bunch of them…I am going to make fruit and nut bars (using the Fiesta Nut Bars, recipe is in my book Raw Foods on a Budget

I also picked up about 8-10 pounds of heirloom tomatoes that were ‘seconds’…i.e. super ripe produce that needed to be used immediately. The tomatoes only cost me $4 and I plan to use them for flax crackers <3 <3

To find local pick your own opportunities, go to!






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