What do you want to see in a Raw Vegan SELFgivings Day Menu Plan?



Hi World!

It’s Brandi from RawYogaLife.com and RawFoodsonaBudget.com, and I have great news <3 I am creating a beautiful menu plan in celebration of SELFgivings Day (formerally known as Thanksgiving Day). SELFgivings Day is a day to celebrate YOU and the beauty of your BODY-MIND-SOUL, no matter what else you are scheduled to do that day! Start Nov 24th by feeding yourself first, so that you can feed and support others <3 <3

SELFgivings Day is also a time in which we honor and celebrate the abundance of the Fall and the nourishment it brings. The Summer is long gone and it’s time we started appreciated the color and majesty of the Fall

But, this is where I need your help!

I have some lovely ideas for the SELFgivings Day Menu Plan, such as a full day menu plan, online yoga class, and beautiful affirmations to say throughout the day; but, I want this menu plan to be bigger than me (i.e. Brandi) and my ideas. I also want it to be bigger than the traditional. I have no desire whatsoever to create raw versions of turkey and gravy. Why strangle a great idea by making it conform to old norms?

So, HELP ME TO BRAINSTORM the creation of the SELFgivings Menu Plan by joining me for a LIVE Online Brainstorm Party TONIGHT at 9-10pm EST at https://www.facebook.com/rawfoodsonabudget. Simply click on this link at the scheduled meeting time, and scroll down to LIVE video stream window.

Talk to you soon!



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