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  1. I am having a hard time being able to contact you or get a response back. Is this something to be expected?

    1. Hi, sorry for the delay. I just responded to your email. I have not been on email since Monday. Check your email, and let me know if you have any more questions.


  2. Semi-vegetarian diets consist largely of vegetarian foods, but may include fish or poultry, or sometimes other meats, on an infrequent basis. Those with diets containing fish or poultry may define “meat” only as mammalian flesh and may identify with vegetarianism..’,*

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  3. You have a great site Brandi! You obviously have a passion for Raw food. I do my best to eat raw food and sometimes tough in the cold winters of Northern Canada. I drink a raw superfood smoothie everyday which is quick and easy. Thank you for some of the ideas on your site.

  4. Purchased Raw Foods on a Budget eBook @ $5.00. Received purchase confirmation and an order #. I logged in with my user name and password. Every time I try to download the book it directs me to the page to login or purchase the book.
    Help please.

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