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  1. Hi, Brandi. I registered with rawfoodsonabudget and vimeo and can’t watch the videos. the screen indicates they are private. What do I need to do to see them? Thanks.

  2. Hi Brandi,

    I just purshased the $5 E-book. I use the link to download the from 2 places. The one on PayPal didn’t seem to work so I went to my email and used that one. That didn’t work either. What should I do?

  3. Can you recommend a juicer and dehydrator for people on a budget, also. i notice you have recipes for them. Which do you have and where did you obtain them?

    1. James, this is all in chapter 11 of the book. It really depends. For juicers, I am a big fan of the Samson juicer. It is reliable, easy to clean and use, and it will last you 30 some years. The juicer does run about $220 or so, so it expensive. BUT, it is cheaper than a lot of other long-use juicers. When it comes to juicers, you want to make sure that you get one that gets all of the juice out and the Samson does a great job. Sometimes you can find the juicers used on websites like Craigslist. That is how I got mine, and I have had it for 7 years or so. It about 12-15 years old and it works fantastic. For dehydrators, all you need is one that has a thermometer and then you are good to go. Try seeing if there is a family member who has a juicer or dehydrator (big in the 90s) that they are not using. It is a great way to get equipment. I have an excalibur dehydrator and I love it. It has lasted me 7 years. However, I think Nesco dehydrators are good too. Talk a look at chapter 11 of the book to help you start your search.

  4. Hi Brandi,

    I had asked you about your degree and which schools you could recommend for graduate studies in nutrition that might be friendly to raw and vegan studies. Thank you so much for your recommendation of It proved to be very helpful. I was, but I guess I shouldn’t be, amazed by how many of the studies on raw and vegan foods were conducted at universities outside of the US! Go figure, we in the US are slow to adopt these things.

    Anyway, thanks again, and I wish you luck on completing your master’s program. Your course of study sounds very interesting.


  5. i registered and got the confirmation but every time i click on the most incredible pate i get directed back to the page saying “why am i on this page” as if i weren’t
    registered —
    i just wanted to see the pate recipe —
    mary (molly) mcdowell

    1. I am having exactly the same problem…and I DEFINITELY did log in before attemting to view the video….yet it still keeps taking me to “why am I on this page”.
      Any other suggestions, Brandi??

    2. Christina, that is strange. Can you tell me which video you were trying to watch. Is it occurring with all of the videos? -Brandi

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