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  1. Hi,
    I was excited to receiving the Ebook. When I received the link and it finally downloaded, the link expired. I was not able to print it. What can I do to get the link back?

  2. Since I have repeatedly filled out all of the fields exactly but keep being sent back to fill them out again, I will leave my message here . . .

    On August 29th I ordered 2 books and can’t remember, or find, any tracking information. Can you please let me know when to expect the books?

    Anxiously waiting, 🙂


  3. Brandi,
    I tried sending you an email, but it always says I’ve copied the verification numbers incorrectly, so I’m sending you something here…
    I know you covered Agave Nectar, and how it’s processed determines whether it’s actually agave Nectar or basically just HFCS. Can you name a few of the brands you found to be legit?
    Thanks so much, you rock!
    -Jamie (PSU grad)

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