Your New Year’s Resolution = LIVE Raw Foods on a Budget!

This is the season of giving! So, I have decided make chapter 3 of Raw Foods on a Budget available to download for FREE! Yes, you heard me right!!! Why am I doing this? I want to help you transition to a budget-friendly raw foods lifestyle right now!!!! Learning how to live a budget-friendly raw food lifestyle is a PROCESS and requires us to deal with those impulses and emotions that motivate us to buy more than we need. Moreover, it includes learning how to menu plan and shop properly, where to find low-cost produce, how to store and monitor your food to prolong its freshness, and how to make low-cost recipes. This is why the book contains over 40 DETAILED strategies, a ton of fun activities and worksheets, and over 75 low-cost recipes that will teach you how to LIVE Raw Foods on a Budget! So check out chapter 3 and get started today!!!!! And hurry! Chapter 3 will only be available to download for FREE until 1/1/11!!!!

Download Chapter 3 Here!

(This link will expire 1/1/11!!!)

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    1. Alice, I totally understand. I am not a big fan of nut heavy meals…which can make it difficult to dine out at raw vegan restaurants. My books are pretty balanced. I am not a nut heavy person, so some recipes have nuts and some don’t. I do eat quite a bit of hemp seeds because they are so nutritious and digestible, however, these are easily excluded (especially when I run out). And when I do use nuts, I use them in small quantities and for specific purposes (e.g. a 1/2 cup of soaked cashews to make a sorbet creamier) and that’s all. I hope this helps.

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