This is the CHEAPEST time of year to go RAW!

Most people don’t know this, but the summer is the CHEAPEST time of year to eat raw.

And here’s why!

In the summer, there is an overflow of fresh produce. Most of the produce that’s grown in this country (and many others) is harvested during the summer, which means the supply dramatically increases and the prices are the lowest you will find all year round. This makes the summer the perfect time to transition to a raw foods diet or to do a juice cleanse.Most people don’t realize that the price of fresh produce changes all year round. For me, I pay the most during the winter (about $300 a month) and the least during the summer (about $150 a month). And it makes sense because during the winter I can’t really get local produce, but I get plenty of local produce during the summer. So take advantage of the summer, and go RAW! Whether it’s my Raw Boot Camp or someone else’s…this is a great time to get healthy!



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