How to tell if a container of salad greens is FRESH


We all buy them at some point in our lives…but how can you tell if the greens in a salad container is fresh?

This very question came up during a grocery trip with my mom. While in the store, she causally grabbed a container of spinach and put it into our cart. Well, me being me, I quickly turned the container over and glanced at the bottom to look for signs of old greens: excess moisture, discolored/faded greens, or brown water. And of course, there were several yellowing spinach leaves…which meant that the greens were on their way out to pasture. So, I showed her and we selected another container of spinach. And now I wanna show you.

The bottom of a salad container will always tell you about the quality of the greens. The next time you are about to buy a container of salad greens, turn it over and look at the bottom. If you see any liquid (other than water) or discolored/faded greens, don’t buy it. But if the greens look sprite, bright, and springy, go ahead and buy the container. While this strategy is not perfect, it works better than the “BEST BY” date and it greatly increases your odds of buying fresh greens that taste delicious!


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