Get Raw Food Equipment the Inexpensive Way this Season!

Christmas is around the corner and here are a few easy ways to add expensive raw food equipment to your kitchen without breaking the bank.

  • Rather than receiving your usual gifts of hats and pajama pants, be proactive and ask your family to chip in and buy you a food processor or juicer this year. A good food processor costs around $100, but when you spilt it between 4-5 people, it is only $25-$20 per person. A good juicer may cost you a little bit more, so maybe you ask your family to contribute what they can. Maybe ask for monetary gifts (i.e. cash in an envelope) to help you pay for more expensive equipment. This is particularly useful when you already have some money saved and you just need $200 to buy that Vitamix you have been eyeing for the last few months.
  • Another strategy is to ask that aunt or uncle who has a dehydrator or juicer that they haven’t used in years, if you have it for Christmas! Just remember to be polite, and talk about how much you would use it all the time and all the beautiful raw food dishes you would create with it. Believe me, this works! I received my food processor on Christmas day from my aunt who had never used it.
  • Maybe the equipment you want is not very expensive, but you could use some help in paying for it. Consider making a Christmas wishlist on Amazon of relatively inexpensive raw food equipment like a citrus juicer ($15), Japanese mandolin slicer ($20) or spiralizer ($20), ice cream maker ($30), etc., and asking family members to order your Christmas gifts from the list.

All of this may sound impersonal or lacking in intimacy, but it’s all in how you package it. Tell your family that you are investing in your health and would really like their support. Mention your reasons for incorporating raw foods into your diet and how important it is for you to be healthy and happy. Who could argue with that?

Happy Holidays!


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