Can’t find anything to eat in the fridge? Let’s troubleshoot!

Today, a friend presented me with a problem she was having. She would consistently have the experience of looking into her refrigerator and cupboards for something to eat, but not finding anything she wanted to eat. Simply, what she wanted to eat was not there. She told me that she shops for food each week and buys food that she is interested in eating, but when it came down to preparing a snack or meal to eat, she couldn’t find anything she was interested in.

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I could resonate with this experience. I tend to go through spells of this, especially since I prepare all of my meals. And it can be really frustrating to not have what you want to eat…and not just once…but all the time! Ugh!

The reality is that our food preferences change over time. It’s a natural thing. But sometimes we haven’t realized this and we don’t make modifications to our food shopping habits. In an sense, we  keep shopping based on our old food preferences.

So, I recommended that the next time she cannot find anything she would like to eat, to write down what foods/meal she would like to eat. And to continue to add to this list each time she has this experience. It’s like collecting her very own data on her current food preferences. Through this activity she will learn what she is interested in eating, and from there can modify her food shopping habits.

What do you think? Also, do you have any additional suggestions for my friend?


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  1. You can decide what type of meal/snack base such as a wrap, bowl of grains or legumes, salad or noodle base.
    Then go with as many fillings/toppings like grains, legumes, vegetables, avocados, nuts, olives, fruit, cheese, etc.
    Next, spice it with dry spices and/or sauce it with salsa, dressing, condiments, pesto, broth or other sauces.

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