Affordable Healthy Eating: Why It’s Not About the Price of Food!

So, you may be thinking, “health foods are so expensive…so, what do you mean, it’s not about the price?”

The fact is that food prices play much less of a role in how much money we spend than we think, and this brief chapter will explain why!

Often when we think about having a food budget, we focus on the price of food. We become engrossed with clipping coupons, looking for sales, and buying in bulk, all in an effort to reduce the price of food. Although these are useful strategies, in most cases, it’s the way that we shop, store, and eat food that weigh heavy on our budgets.

Consider this:

  • In the U.S., 60% of all grocery purchases are unplanned; in other words, they are impulsive buys.
  • U.S. and U.K. households throw away 25% of their food, amounting to $48.3 and £12.2 billion, respectively, each year. Want another reason to not throw food away…see these pictures.
  • In the U.S. and U.K., fruits and vegetables comprise 30-60% of all food that is thrown away.
  • Households who value menu planning as a way to reduce food waste tend to plan their meals around the foods that they want rather than what they already have.
  • In the U.K., 2.7 metric tons of food is wasted because it spoils or is not used in time.
  • In the U.S., Americans on average consumed 400 more calories per day in 2000 than they did in 1983.

As you can see, there are so many areas in our relationship with food and money that could be improved before we focus on the price of food. Think about it, how much food have you thrown away or overeaten in the last month? Now, estimate how much you paid for that food and ask yourself, what would have saved you more money: searching for lower prices or not wasting food?

So, why do we buy so much food? Many people are driven by the fear of running out or not having enough, the pleasure of finding a great deal or being able to eat what they want, and/or buying food to cope with emotional states like stress. Plus, many of us were taught to want the American Dream when it comes to our kitchen. We want a refrigerator, cupboards, and counters filled with fresh fruits and vegetables. But that’s an expensive dream. Every time I see a stocked fridge, in the back of my head I’m thinking…who are these people feeding…an army. Who’s going to eat all this food before it goes to waste?

Plus, when we focus on the price of food, we focus on the problem being outside of ourselves. It’s easier to blame the economy and the rising costs of foods, etc. While it’s true that these factors do impact our budget, unconscious spending and overeating are such a HUGE problem, that even when there’s a recession, we still continue to buy food to waste.

So, even if you don’t believe it right now, tell yourself that it’s not about the price. And if you have my book, Raw Foods on a Budget: The ultimate program and workbook to enjoying a budget-loving, plant-based lifestyle, you will see that most of my book goes beyond the price of food. In fact, when you focus on your relationship with food and money, the possibility for growth is enormous. We can’t control the price of food, but we can control how and where we buy food, and how we store, prepare, and eat our food.

Want 70+ food-budget saving strategies, check out the award-winning recipe and workbook,
Raw Foods on a Budget

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And not only will you get your money back from your next grocery shopping trip, you will feel confident and more abundant in your spending! Don’t believe me…read what other people are saying!

As a new person to Raw I needed help

I needed recipes that were both easy to make and on a budget. Brandi’s work has helped me to make the change easier and more cost effective. I felt like I had hit the jackpot when I found Raw on a Budget. I am so thankful for Brandi’s work and I think anyone who is starting out on a raw diet should buy this book.


What a fantastic book!!!

It has been said “to be a success you must find a need and fill it”. Brandi has done just that! I am so blessed to have found the wisdom & practical advice, given in abundance, in this book. As a disabled person on a tight budget and new to the raw food lifestyle, this is just what i needed to show me the way to raw food success. Thanks, bandi, for not keeping this amazing information to yourself!!!

Patricia Johnson

No more guess work!

Brandi has written a book that takes all the guess work out of healthy eating for you. All the way through the smarter planning of your meals, to the shopping, preparing, and storing of your produce, to the fine print of start up costs and appliances or other tools you may need to have in your kitchen for a more raw food based lifestyle. Brandi not only shows you how to shop and get healthy food on a budget she also has a plethora of delicious recipes with beautiful photography that captures the quality of her dishes. Brandi has put her heart, time, and love into this book and it’s evident through her thoroughness and meticulous efforts to show anyone wanting to incorporate a raw food lifestyle how to do it. From the beginner to the expert this is a must have book in your kitchen for anyone who wants to eat more raw foods, have a healthier option for meals, and stay on a budget at the same time. Brandi is a gem amongst raw food culinary artists and her book is bound to be a friend you refer back to again and again!

Ashley Parkinson

“Raw Foods on a Budget” has been blessing for me in many ways. This book offers everything a beginner on the raw food journey will needed to get started and to stick with it. It offers wonder strategies from shopping to planning simple and delicious meals, and much, much more while on a budget. I am forever grateful for this wonderful book!!


Raw food on a budget is a blessing. this book dispels the myth that eating healthy is expensive. One of the most valuable tips I have learned is how to shop and eat everything before going to by more food. Not only has it helped me save a LOT of money, it has helped me to be creative with the foods. Raw Foods on a Budget has a VOICE of it’s own. I am grateful for Brandi’s ability and willingness to share her discoveries with the world!!!

Shawnette Sampson

I wanted to start eating Raw but after the first week of buying fruits and veggies, I didn’t think I was going to be able to continue. This book showed me how affordable it really is so I could continue eating raw. It also showed me what produce is in season in my area so I can eat as fresh as possible. I love the guide on meal planning and shopping, what a life saver that has been. I am no longer wasting food and money. Thank you Brandi for caring and taking the time in gathering all of this information and putting your talent to work to write this book! Shine on!

Sherrie Paglia

This is a great book

I followed one of your suggestions on how to shop more effectively, and it is saving me money. It was something so simple, and for some reason I never thought of it. My favourite recipe are the donut holes. I make them whenever I have guests, and they just love them. Its a wonderful gem of a book, lots of great recipes and information. Good luck and thanks for sharing this with us!


I love you so much!

I’ve been doing a little raw here, a little raw there, and love it. I’ve done your boot camp…you are so inspiring!!! In fact, so much so that I’m doing a raw eating class to share some of what I’ve learned from you with my community! I hope you don’t mind, but I’d like to refer participants to you and the boot camp and your wonderful books, and FB page.

Kass Hilliard


The state of the world relies on our ability to live in harmony with nature. Eating raw foods is one of the simple ways to change the world. Thank you for creating this book to guide us on how to really nourish our selves within any budget and change the world at the same time.

Anne Marie

This book has gotten me to working on eating raw because always before I thought I could not afford to do it. With growing sprouts and other easy grow crops I’m eating for almost free and have lost 4lb this week and my BP is down to what it should be. The book gave me some ideas and I came up with the rest. It is a must have for anyone on low income.

Theresa Gaines

Thank you for this book, great information and recipes. This help me keep healthy and the pocket book still has cash. I have learned so much from your site and book. Thank you again.



I just ordered and started reading your new e-book and i absolutely love it. It almost seems to late for me to go raw, with my current family situation (husband eats meat, cheese, etc). But your book is inspiring me to think about it again.

Jackie Piemonte

Yes, for being able to go simply raw and not go broke doing it. Raw Foods on a Budget is a must have for all who seek peace of mind, body, spirit, and wallet.

Teresa Allen

What an amazing book!

The amount of research and the level of detail the author put into this shows her dedication to bringing the healthy raw food to people and making it affordable. The recipes looks delicious, too!!


Raw Foods on a Budget

is a beautiful book and I recommend it to EVERYONE. From the clear guidance of the equipment and tools we need to go raw, to the delicious recipes, Brandi makes eating raw, living foods a breeze. Thank you, Brandi 😀


-Brandi (yep! that's me!)
Director and Creator, Health on a Budget Summit
Author of the award-winning Raw Foods on a Budget (www.rawfoodsonabudget.com)

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