Raw Foods on a Budget - Teaching you to eat raw the affordable way!


#EatWorthy QUICK 50-Cent RAW Cookies

These cookies are a staple in my home! They are so easy, affordable, and delicious. They can be made in large amounts and they freeze well! This awesome recipe features SUNFLOWER SEEDS! Sunflower Seeds...


AMAZING Vegan Tacos

  BEST Vegan Tacos EVER! This recipe is incredible! I have no idea why these tacos aren’t made everywhere. And they celebrate both cooked and raw veggies and fruit to boot!   Yield: 1...


I am in love with SPRINGTIME SALADS!

It’s that time of the season when so much beautiful produce is readily available to enjoy and celebrate…!!! Here are a few tips to creating an amazing summer salad: Choose your favorite, colorful fruits...

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